Our Opportunities

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  • Starting your journey as an Eagle Representative

    Covers the basic elements of sales and customer service enabling development of the essential skills which will allow individuals to effectively represent clients on a face to face basis.

  • Take off into leadership

    Learn how to plan and utilise time effectively, develop self motivation skills which enables individuals to take responsibility for teaching and training others. Teaches basic coaching and training skills.

  • Spread your wings in team leadership

    Become skilled at motivating and maximising performance both for individuals and their teams. Start to develop strong management skills.

  • Fly towards your goals during assistant owner

    Develop and understand the skills required to run a successful marketing company. These skills include recruitment, finance, administration and team management.

  • Reach your destiny as an owner

    Run your own marketing company and influence its growth, profitability and success by applying the knowledge gained by completing the program.