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Cycle of Development

The concept of The Cycle of Development (Commonly know as C.O.D) was conceived in 2002, from the need to create a tangible, systematic and user-friendly development programme to educate and mentor new people in the direct sales industry.

It is a structured, multi-tiered programme that allows a person to think and learn about business in an easy to understand format, at a speed that suits them. It is divided into 10 sections, or stages, beginning with the foundations and gradually building up into more complex and advanced business concepts.

The clear and concise way in which the C.O.D has been published means that there is no way of being lost or confused in what could have otherwise been a complicated and daunting task of learning a new industry or business model. People know what they are taking on, what they are aiming to achieve and what the journey in order to reach this goal will entail.

This has been an integral part of our business from day one and as the C.O.D has grown and adapted to the ever-changing business of sales it has allowed us to also grow and adapt in an effortless way.